Working with Nicole has made such a dramatic impact on my life!  She has helped me with a range of issues, from headaches to anxiety and stress, to healing me from colds and flu, various ailments from my workout training program, and now every week throughout my pregnancy!  Her gentle bedside manner (and incredibly gentle needling technique!) paired with her genuine care and concern for her patients makes me look forward to each and every visit with her.

Stephanie N.

I’ve received several treatments from Nicole, and am always continually impressed with her knowledge which allows her to translate physical ailments into appropriate acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments. I’ve found acupuncture sessions with her to be very healing, grounding, and nourishing, and I think that speaks to her skill but also her warm personality. She’s the best!

Kristie K.

I have been seeing Nicole over that past couple of months in conjunction with ongoing personal training. I experienced limited mobility and pain in my right shoulder since rotator cuff scoping, and training and stretching were not breaking down the barriers to pain free movement. It was recommended that I also incorporate acupuncture. I did and thru my sessions I am experiencing more flexibility and better movement. Although I am still a “work in progress”, I am noticing improvement I wouldn’t have seen with just training and stretching.

Through all this, Nicole has been wonderful. She is friendly,very professional, explains methods thoroughly, tries different techniques to help relieve the pain and makes the entire treatment enjoyable. I have thoroughly enjoyed my treatments and have found them to be restful even with needles (not a fan) stuck in me.


I started seeing Nicole after I had double knee surgery (torn meniscus) and my physical therapy routine had plateaued. I was still having a lot of knee pain and unable to play golf or get back to my usual exercise training. After a few sessions with Nicole not only was I able to start resuming my normal active lifestyle, but I also gained the benefit of an hour of pure serenity at each session! I now find other reasons to see Nicole from digestion to foot tightness to just achieving a sense of zen being. I highly trust and recommend Nicole!

Kim F.

I was hesitant about acupuncture at first but I wanted a remedy that didn’t require medication. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I had chronic shoulder and rotator cuff issues that would keep my from sleeping. But after five or so sessions with Nicole, my right shoulder pain disappeared completely! I was hooked! Then when I suffered from severe low back pain and had a hard time standing much less sleeping, Nicole suggested we try cupping along with acupuncture. I again was amazed because the back pain completely dissipated! She has done wonders to help me stay pain-free naturally!

Lisa P.

Nicole has helped me greatly over the past few months. I started seeing her for deep tension within my hips. It was incredible when I was able to see a major difference in my range of motion within just a few days after my first appointment. I continue to see Nicole regularly to loosen up the tension with fast results, while also enjoying areas I did not initially intend to focus on; i.e. digestion and relaxation. I strongly recommend anyone that is flirting with the idea of acupuncture to try a session with Nicole, her work speaks for itself and you will make her a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.

John D.

Over the course of the last several years, I have experienced difficulty sleeping through the night. I would fall asleep easily enough but would wake between 2:00am and 4:00am. Two to five nights a week I would find myself awake in the middle of the night without the ability to fall back asleep. Around the same time, I’d begun to see a personal trainer. When I told her about my trouble sleeping, she recommended that I try acupuncture. I contacted Nicole immediately and after the second session, I was successfully sleeping through the night! Nicole helped me to both sleep through the night and breathe more easily by clearing my nasal congestion. I would absolutely recommend Nicole to anyone who was looking for natural ways to solve physical or emotional issues! It’s a painless and surprisingly relaxing experience but most importantly, it works!

Elisabeth R.

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